The Resort

This unique luxurious resort offers an absolute plethora of experiences for nature lovers. Starting from Ginigathena or Hatton in the beautiful hill country of Sri Lanka the visitors could witness many lush tea gardens, Tea Factories, historical religious places and two of the man made reservoirs, Castlereigh and Mousakellie on the climb up to the breathtaking Moray Estate among the misty, mountains on the path. The visitors would pass the great “ Saman Devalaya” and proceed through the pine forest and famous “Mohini Elle” to reach Moray Estate where the Blue Magpie Resort is built.

Moray Estate stands 1372 meters above sea level up to the hills in Maskeliya Area. The perfect location away from the hustle and bustle and busy city life. This site is located 175 kms from Colombo and 96 kms from Kandy.

From the Estate entrance on the gravel hill climb leading to the beautified, resort the visitors would feast their eyes on Fauna and Flora unique to the Adam’s peak wilderness (world heritage site). The resort bordering peak wilderness makes it abounded with many endemic and indigenous trees and species. It is also a habitat for reptiles, birds (endemic “Blue Magpie” / Dusky Blue fly catcher/white eye”) and is also home to many other varieties of birds, butterflies and frogs most of whom can be witnessed by a visitors. This rich environment makes a true paradise for nature lovers.

“Blue Magpie” resort has been built by Planters and Estate skilled employees as their own unique creation which is facilitated with two storied wooden made structure with electrification facing to the peak wilderness and built in a 100 years old Seedling Tea Field bordering the banks of the “Bathulu oya” where the very first human touch of water could be felt by the visitors which feeds the Moray Water Fall.